Tiny Shop Ice Cream & Slushies

Ice Cream:

We serve a variety of different ice cream flavours and bring them in from three different distributors. We are proud to support other local businesses and carry London Ice Cream, from London, Ontario; Shaw’s Ice Cream from St. Thomas, Ontario; and Kawartha Ice Cream.

We offer regular cones, waffle cones, or a bowl. So come in today and pick your flavour, and size, and enjoy! We also sell 1.5L tubs of ice cream for you to take home and scoop yourself. The perfect complement to any pie!

Slushies and Iced Coffee:

Our slushies come in multiple flavours and are perfect to beat the heat on a hot summer day! What’s your craving? Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Bubblegum? We have them all! If you’re looking forward to that fall feeling, try our Apple Cider slushy!

Or come in for an ice cold coffee for relief on that hot summer day! We have a variety of flavours to add, and we even have sugar free if that’s what you prefer.